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Jinwoong's OLED business unit was founded in 1980 by the founder of the company, Kim Jong Woong, who was concerned of the new millennium project after the leather dye, which is the founding item. We have been developing and mass-producing CGL (Charge Generation Layer), which is the key material of OLED TV, and it is still reaching to the present.


As a small but strong material company, we are constantly doing differentiating researches to compete with major companies and major chemical companies in overseas. We have been developing the electron mobile layer (ETL) and Host material. We are also developing materials that are applied to various applications (TV, lighting, automobile, etc.), and we will continue to challenge ourselves to become a global company in the field of chemical materials.


Welcome to JinWoong!

I am JongWoong Kim, the founder of JinWoong Industrial Co.,Ltd. I have engaged in the field of leather dyestuff almost a half century long.

First of all, I sincerely appreciate your visiting our homepage which was made to help customers and guests of partner firms to know about our company. However we think that there may  be something insufficient in both form and substance despite of our efforts in our way. Anyhow, we hope that your visiting this homepage can be a good chance for you to be familiar with our company to some extent.


Our company has continuously grown to become the world's top-class maker of leather dyestuffs in quality even not in size as a unique specialty to consistently produce dyestuffs for leather only since its establishment. In other words, we exclusively research, develop and produce to supply dyestuffs for leather only to our customers. And moreover, we obtained ISO 9001 certificate and ISO 14001 certificate in 1997 and in 1999 respectively from Lloyd's Register Assurance Limited of U. K., so that JinWoong has grown into a globally recognized and standard company to conduct quality-management and environment-friendly one.


Based on such a growth, we have ceaselessly striven to achieve the world's top position in leather-dyestuff industry. Therefore, I would like hereby to have your kindly continuous concern and patronage enough to support us henceforth as in the past so that we may surely become your true and reliable partner, for which we will of course do our best.


Wishing you success and your business prosperous,

Thank you very much.

Jinwoong Industrial Founder

Kim Jong Woong

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Jinwoong Industry has been developing and mass-producing CGL, which is the core material for OLED TV, by developing display electronic materials and developing OLED materials based on the strength of dye production know-how and color reproduction ability for about 40 years; additionally, R & D of materials and development of display electronic materials. We are expanding our business area by developing display materials that are not limited to fields based on past experience.





It has been developed from the existing Jinwoong logo, and it has been designed as a motif that extends the world view of Jinwoong spreading to the whole world.

The depth and expertise of the company shows the mind that alarms the beginning of new change while maintaining the concept of Jinwoong with the upgraded motive.

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The 2 factories (OLED material development and production) located in Yangju City, Gyeonggi Province are composed of several buildings. Building A has a variety of synthetic reactors and produces production for the synthesis process. Building B contains research facilities (synthetic research facilities, element research facilities, analysis equipment, etc.), production facilities (sublimation refineries, etc.) have. There are 3 other buildings and expansion planned sites.

A동 전경
A동 내부
B동 전경


HQ, Institute & Factory

126, Geomjun-gil, Nam-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, 11410, korea /  Tel : 031-863-6005  /  Fax : + 031-863-6030

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